Kannada Sangha or Kootas are formed by the Kannadigas who are residing at a particular city and country outside of India. Kannada Kootas are non-profit socio-cultural organization. The Koota comprises of Kannada speaking people as its members, with representation from all parts of the State of Karnataka, India.

Kannada kootas are mostly Linguistic and Cultural non-profit organization to integrate, coordinate, network and unite the activities of all local Kannadigas and preservation of Kannada language in the land they have adopted. The association or kootas bring the Kannada families together by celebrating some major festivals, which are unique to Karnataka, such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali, Sankaranti and Ugadi every year.

Most of the members of our Returned NRIs are were past members of Kannada Kootas.

Sl. no.  Name Place Website
1 Association of Kannada Kootas of America USA http://www.akkaonline.org/
2 North America Vishwa Kannada Association USA https://navika.org/
3 KANNADA SANGHA OF ARIZONA Tempe, AZ, USA http://www.kannadasanghaofarizona.org/
4 Kannada Koota – North California California, USA http://www.kknc.org/
5 Karnataka Cultural Association – Southern California CA, USA http://www.kca-sc.com/
6 Srigandha Kannada Koota, Tampa Bay, Florida Florida, USA http://www.srigandhafl.org/
7 Chandana Kannada Sanga, Kansas City Kansas, USA http://www.ckskc.org/
8 Portland Kannada Koota Portland, USA http://www.portlandkannadakoota.org/
9 Sahyadri kannada Sangha, Seattle Seattle, USA http://sahyadrikannadasangha.org/
10 Austin Kannada Sangha Austin, USA http://www.austinkannadasangha.org/
11 Mallige Kannada Association of North Texas Plano, Texas, USA http://mallige.org/
12 Kannada Sangha, Singapore Singapore https://singara.org/
13 Kuwait Kannada Koota Kuwait http://www.kuwaitkannadakoota.org/
14 New Zealand Kannada Koota New Zealand http://www.kannadakoota.co.nz/
15 Karnataka Sangha Muscat Muscat, OMAN http://www.karnatakasanghamuscat.org/
16 Melbourne Kannada Sangha Australia http://www.mks.org.au/
17 Sydney Kannada Sangha Sydney, Australia http://www.kannada.org.au/
18 Western Australia Kannada Sangha Australia http://waks.org.au/
19 Adelaide Kannada Sangha Australia www.kannada.com.au
20 Karnataka Association of Canberra (KAC) Australia http://kac.yolasite.com/
21 Kannada Balaga of UK united Kingdom http://www.kannadabalaga.org.uk/
22 SCOTTISH KARNATAKA SANGHA Scotland, UK http://www.scottishkarnatakasangha.org.uk/
23 Mandaara New England Kannada Koota, MA, USA http://mandaara.org/
24 Sangama St.Loius Kannada Sangha St.Louis, USA http://www.sangamastl.org/
25 Kannada Sangha Toronto Cannada http://www.kstoronto.com/
26 Kaveri Kannada Association Virginia, USA http://www.kaverionline.org/
27 Kannada Vrinda, HOUSTON Texas, USA http://www.kannadavrinda.org/
28 Irish Kannadigaru, Ireland http://irishkannadigaru.com/
29 Kannada Koota of New York NYC, USA http://www.kkny.org/
30 Kasturi Kannada Sangha, Ohio Ohio, USA http://www.kasturikannadasangha.org/
31 Kannada Sangha, Hong Kong (KSHK) Hong Kong http://www.kshk.org/
32 Kannada Koota Montreal Cannada http://www.kannadakootamontreal.com/
33 Pampa Kannada Koota, Ann Arbor, Michigan Michigan, USA http://www.pampakannadakoota.net/about
34 Tri State Kannada Cultural association New Jersey, USA http://www.triveniusa.org/
35 Atlanta Kannada Koota, Atlanta USA http://www.atlantakannada.org
36 Thai Kannada Balaga, Thailand Thailand https://www.facebook.com/thaikannadabalaga/
37 Kasturi Kannada Sangha of San Diego San Diego, USA http://www.kkssandiego.com/
38  Melbourne Kannada Sangha Australia http://www.mks.org.au/