What is RNRI Association?

RNRI stands for Returned Non-Resident Indians. The RNRI Association was formed in 1992 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India by a core group of like-minded NRI’s who decided to return back to India for good and settle down here with a common goal of “Back to Serve”

What is the Primary Objective of RNRI ?

The primary objective is focused on being back to serve the Nation and the community, predominantly through charitable initiatives and social service to the needy.

What are the other Advantages?

It provides NRIs returning back to India for settling down, a forum for associating with other like-minded people of the same category. It also offers opportunities to channelize charitable initiatives and donations to reach those they are intended for, thus providing satisfaction of collective donations being utilised effectively.

Also provides an opportunity to mingle with and interact with other like-minded professionals in various fields, who are members of RNRI for exchanging thoughts, ideas and experiences.

What is the typical profile of an RNRI Member?

An NRI who has spent a minimum of 2 years outside India who has now decided to return to India for settling down. Usually from a Professional sphere. Current members are typically Doctors, Engineers, Accounting & Finance Professionals, Lawyers, Management Professionals, IT and Aerospace Professionals, Businessmen etc.,

How does one become a Member of the RNRI Association ?

Click on JOIN RNRI at the menu and fill out some basic data and information as sought therein.

A screening committee will go through the relevant details, contact for more information if necessary and if found to fulfil the norms, a communication would be sent informing of the status/ acceptance of the potential member.

Thereafter the nominal joining fee and annual subscription needs to be remitted to the RNRI account through a cheque or by digital bank transaction.

What are the benefits of membership in the RNRI Association ?

About 6-8 meetings annually at reputed locations like a Club or Hotel or Hall which are normally attended by members along with spouses. Various topics are discussed. Speakers are occasionally invited to address the members at such meetings on areas of interest.

Charitable Initiatives are identified and taken up for further action, in keeping with the overall objectives. Members are also welcome to propose such initiatives which could be taken up for discussions and consideration on merits.

The meetings are usually followed by Lunch or Dinner.

Can Members bring families & friends along to meetings ?

Members would be informed in advance of such occasions when children and friends could be brought along. Nominal charges would be levied for the additional participants.

Occasional outings to popular destinations are also organised for socialising and community bonding.

How can the RNRI Association help a new member returning to India, who may require support/information for settling down related to housing, schooling, healthcare services, financial services, hired-help, pet-care etc., or regarding statutory body formalities ?

Although the RNRI Association by itself may not directly provide services related to the above, it offers new members a platform to interact with its other long-term members who have already been through the process in the past. The interactions could be through direct contact with other members during the various meetings/get-togethers, or through member-support social media platforms where the ‘power of the network’ could be harnessed for assisting with the acclimatization process.